Computer Science Programming Faculty - 2018 Summer Camp - Irvine, CA | Cupertino, CA | Foster City, CA

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Active since 08-02-2018 Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
Location Irvine, CA | Cupertino, C... Level Professional
Educational level GCSE / A-Level / Highscho... Employment type Temporary employment
Hours 8 - 10 Salary $225 - $400 / day
Irvine, CA | Cupertino, CA | Foster City, CA
Please apply to the Computer Science Programming Instructor or Teaching Assistant  position if you are interested in teaching from June 18 to July 6 or/and July 9 - 27 at Star League Summer 2018 camps  in one or more of the following places; Irvine, CA, Cupertino, CA, Foster City, CA

Irvine Camp Dates: JUNE 18 - JULY 6, 2018
Cupertino and Foster City Camp Dates: JULY 9 - JULY 27, 2018

- BS degree (in Math, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Computer Education related field)
- Computer Science teaching experience especially in K-12.
- Proficiency in C++ or Java
- Experience with USACO Contest (teaching or participating)
- Communicates well with colleagues, parents and students
- Works well as a team
- Experienced in writing problems, creating exams
- Proficiency in English (for international applicants)



Adequately prepare for classes, plan lessons before the classes, teach assigned classes, communicate with parents/students and the camp academic coordinator

Teaching Assistant (intern):
Teacher aid, grading, writing problems, reviewing exams, observing and teaching some classes

Typical stipend amounts for each camp (3 weeks, weekdays only), full-time (*):

Teaching Assistant:

Level-Teaching Assistant: $1,500 ($100 daily)

Level-High Schooler: $3,375 ($225 daily)
Level-Under Graduate Student: $4,125 ($275 daily)
Level-BS Degree / Master Student: $4,500 ($300 daily)
Level-Master Degree / PhD Student: $4,875 ($325 daily)
Level-PhD: $5,250 ($350 daily)
Level-International Medalist (IMO or IOI):
Gold: $6,000 ($400 daily), Silver: $5,250 ($350 daily) , Bronze: $4,500 ($300 daily)

Bonus: 5%, 10% or 15% for teaching at past Star League Summer Camps (on the same subject) once, twice or more, respectively. For instance, Math Camp bonus is calculated based on the experience only at the former Star League Math Camps.

(*) We follow USCIS guidelines. The person must be legally eligible to work in USA to receive a stipend.

In addition, we pay for the stay at the designated hotel/dorm, and to/from camp transportation for non-locals.

Transportation Information: One time, up to $400 economy class flight ticket + up to $100 airport to / from camp transportation.

Accommodation Information: Lodging will be provided at a nearby hotel or dorm such as UCI Housing to the non-locals.

Meals Information: Continental breakfast at the hotel for non-locals and lunch with students at the camp site for all instructors and TAs.

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Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
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Region United States

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